About Me


IMG_7729Hello, hello! I’m Sari — well, legally Sarah, but there are sooooo many of those floating around out there that I just tend to prefer my childhood nickname in this world of Sarahs-plain-and-tall. I’m the creator, owner, designer, and chief (and only) executive officer behind the scenes of SARIDITTY. I spend my time making colorful textile creations; instructing fitness classes at the nearby university; enjoying my furry tribe; and thanking Jesus every day for the gifts He’s bestowed upon me.


Officially I am a licensed (and, I guess, retired) commercial pilot. I graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Aviation Technology, where I then went on as the chief pilot for an engineering firm for a couple years. Enter love… I married a long-time college friend of mine in 2011 who was already an Air Force officer in Charleston, South Carolina. After our “I dos,” the moving truck was loaded up, and I was on to a new southern chapter in my life…minus the piloting. What does a military wife do, one asks oneself? One turns those lemons into rainbows is what!

After 3 moves within 4 years, I really needed to tap into my natural talents and abilities in order to feel like I was providing for our little family. (Yes, that’s a flaw I suppose. The need to feel useful and that I’m capable of contributing something. Eh, well…) I am so very thankful my Gramma and mother taught me to enjoy crafts and handwork when I was young. I learned to crochet when I was in pre-school; I played with beadwork and wire since age 7; cross-stitch was second nature by the time I was in 2nd grade; and my school class notebooks are filled with doodles. So it’s only fitting I discovered the world of art & quilting & soft goods making as my own new chapter.

I discovered by chance that I have a natural knack for completely uninhibited free motion quilting. So much so, in fact, I’ve classified my personal FMQ touch as Sketchbook Quilting. I love the opportunity to quilt for others, so keep that in mind for your next quilt top. We can discuss what would be best for your piece from Sketchbook Quilting to repetitive FMQ to ruler work. Let’s make a plan! Contact me to set up your quilting experience.

IMG_6315In addition to my colorful fabric & paper world, you’ll find me at the barn with my off-track Thoroughbred, playing with my boxer boys, working out, honing in on my inner-HGTV on this abandoned home we bought, jamming to music non-stop, and eating all the donuts! (And coffee. And wine… Can’t forget those!)

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to learn about you if you care to leave comments! And I’m always posting way too much on Instagram, so hop on over and say hello: @sariditty

Hugs & Stitches — Sari