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    Things I love:

    • art
    • denim
    • gold
    • donuts
    • and a few other things like dogs, horses, diamonds, wine, green grass, pizza….


    But back to the denim…
    When Chris, a.k.a. The Tattoed Quilter, asked me to hop on board with this week’s denim crew, I won’t lie…I totally did a happy dance! I’ve had ideas of a denim quilt in mind for some time now and just haven’t gotten around to it yet. But once I saw what Art Gallery Fabrics had come out with for the Denim Studio collection, well…I knew I had to take the opportunity to make my denim quilt here and now.

    I waited with anticipation for the fabric to arrive. It arrived…the day before I left for my California Quilt Con adventure. Eek! Needless to say, I was a bit frantic wondering how on earth I’d ever accomplish this massive 5ftx7ft quilt I had planned with a week out of town coming up. I started cutting the nearly 300 diamonds with my Sizzix that evening but was quickly cut short by my 4 a.m. wake up ahead of me. Being the quilt-crazed individual that I am, I packed up all my fabric and took it with me…bound and determined to get this thing completely cut and pieced together ASAP. Bear in mind the timeframe here with Quilt Con and our blog tour week deadline. I was a ball of nerves to make this happen!

    Side note:
    The Solid Smooth Denims and Denim Prints have a lightweight, flowy feel to them. I equate them to shirting fabric with excellent drape and softness. They cut and sew wonderfully. And if I were at all a tailor, I would definitely make myself a shirt and dress out of them!
    The Solid Textured Denims are slightly heavier, like what a luxurious pair of jeans would feel like. They also cut and sew great! I only suggest being mindful of the potential of these to fray easier if you’re not careful. But I had no issues whatsoever. I think I might get some more of the Bluebottle Field color to make sofa pillows for our living room.


    So I arrived to San Diego where Carrie (@gotchacoveredquilting) graciously let me use her Sizzix to finish cutting out those nearly 300 diamonds for this quilt. Back into the suitcase they went!

    Post-Quilt Con I detoured to New Mexico to see my parents and have a quickie sewing retreat with my bestie, Nikki (@lillyellasworld). In addition to marathon sewing and devouring lemon donut cakes like Olympic champions, we also spread out all the denim diamonds to figure out best layout for this would-be quilt.

    FYI… Denim + Donuts + Leggings + Beer + Sewing = WIN.


    So then I got back home and finished sewing together my strips to make my quilt top complete. Onto the Handi Quilter it went! With the sparkly accents of Superior Threads metallic Gold on top and metallic Antique Gold on the backing, I added my signature sketchbook quilting to the quilt. They’re 40wt metallics and definitely a dream to quilt with.

    I couldn’t stop with the gold stitching, so I added gold piping as I bound the piece. For what it’s worth, I think the binding fabric I used (Indigo Shadow) is likely my favorite of all the Denim Studio colors. I definitely will be purchasing  yardage of this for future projects!


    Something about this quilt just screams BARN and HORSES to me. Off to the barn I went with my quilt in hand and a fraidy-cat thoroughbred awaiting me. Trust me when I say that I had high hopes for taking photos of this quilt out there. But seriously…my horse is a looney tune wuss who balks at the wind on a good day. Needless to say, horse modeling is not in his repertoire.

    But his buddies, Fred and Henry, were totally interested in playing along with my antics!


    Doesn’t Fred pose like a professional?!


    Did you notice the lengthwise zipper on the quilt yet? I don’t know why exactly, but a denim quilt just needed a zipper on it. Reminiscent of a pair of jeans, I guess. Even though it doesn’t actually have a purpose, it still zips up and down and is a fun little fidgety doo-dad to mess with while I snuggle on the sofa.



    What’s under that zipper, you ask? Only a fun little pop of gold metallic denim that I snuck in with this super cool mix of Art Gallery denims! ***BLING*** I added a strip of circles (well, oblong bubbles because I can’t quilt perfect circles especially with a zipper tape restricting me) to add to the finished look on the backing.


    I also added a few random diamonds of cut up jeans knees from the Mr’s worn out collection. I knew hoarding would come in handy one day! And is it really “hoarding” if it’s fabric or fabric-related? Just sayin’…
    I couldn’t let the shredded knee pieces go straight to the batting, so I added a second layer diamond to those pieces using the gold metallic denim. Total WIN in my book!


    The backing on the quilt is one of the Solid Textured Denims, Bluebattle Field. It feels like a crisp pair of jeans that I once coveted from Banana Republic way back when. It drapes beautifully; it quilts wonderfully; it feels amazing!


    And seriously…that metallic thread just radiates off the Textured Denim! Ooo la la!


    I couldn’t ignore my Number 1 helper during this photo sesh, Golozo. He’s the BIGGEST dog I’ve ever laid eyes on and is the sweetest giant to boot! (My leggings are denim and match the backing fabric color…this counts as a related blog pic!)

    To wrap up this long-winded blog post about the making and finishing of my quilt, I have to say that the Denim Studio collection is, by far, one of the yummiest out there. The Solid Smooth Denims and Denim Prints are so soft and luxurious to work with, and the Solid Textured Denims have a wonderful feel and weight. Try at least one, if not more, of these lovelies in your next project! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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6 Responsesso far.

  1. Barbara says:

    That denim looks luscious and I love what you did with it. The zipper is such a clever addition, just shows how creative you are.

  2. Shelley says:

    Wonderful quilt! It is amazing?. Which die did you use? The diamond one with 2 1/2 inch sides?


  3. Kay Nelson says:

    This is so very cool. Glad you talked about the feel of the fabric because hearing “denim”, I thought “heavy”. I love your attention to detail and pops of color and your quilting is gorgeous! So glad I found your blog,

    • sariditty says:

      Thanks, Kay! I really loved working with the denim collection and definitely suggest trying it yourself if you can. And thank you so much for the sweet compliments. :o)

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