• Swing Your Partner ‘Round and ‘Round…

    Here we go! I’m going to quickly show you how to construct a 7-inch finished Barn Dance Quilt Block. (At least that’s what I think it’s called. And if it’s not, then this entire post is labeled all wrong! hah!!) I, in no way, created or invented this block. This is simply my version of how to construct it in this size.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 6.23.49 PM

    First off…check out this GORGEOUS collection I’m using for these blocks! It’s coming out this spring from Lecien Fabrics and called Rococo & Sweet. It really is so sweet and lovely. All my inner girlie-girl is coming out with this collection — I’m drinking Earl Grey from my antique tea set; longing for spring weather; and ready to dig out my tulle skirt and pearls!


    Now for the Barn Dance Block…
    For eaFullSizeRender-10ch block, you’ll want to cut 4 isosceles triangles and 1 square.
    • Cut a square with 3-inch sides. Easy. That’s why there’s no photo of it.
    • The triangles are all cut in the same direction (long straight edge to the right or to the left — I went with right sided for this demo). I suggest using a 60-degree ruler as I am here.
    • Cut a strip of fabric meausuring 6 1/2-inches wide. Align the straight end edge with the center of the triangle ruler, and use your rotary to slice an isosceles triangle. Now cut 3 more triangles.


    • Now arrange your triangles around the square so the longest side of the triangles (the hypotenuses) are what form the block exterior edges.





    • Place the square right sides together (RST) with whichever triangle you choose to start, aligning the 90-degree angles with each other.
    • Stitch a seam along length of square up to approximately 3/4-inch from center. (My finger is pointing to that loose section.)

    • Press open the seam. I suggest pressing the seam toward the triangle/away from the square.

    ***IGNORE my hideously disgusting ironing cover. It’s so scorched and gross and ready to be recovered. Maybe another post soon for a DIY ironing palette is in the stars!

    • Now take the second triangle and stitch it to the square. Align the right angles with each other with the fabric RST and sew along the entire length. Press seam away from square.



    • Time to attach the third triangle! Exact same as the previous.







    • For the final triangle, fold back the part of the first triangle that is not sewn down. Now stitch on the fourth triangle just like the others. And press the seam away from the square.





    • The block is almost completely assembled. Time for the final stitch line!

    • Fold the block so Triangle 1 and Triangle 4 are RST and the two loose edges are aligned with each other.





    FullSizeRender-22• Sew the final seam along the length of the triangles.


    • By pressing the seams away from the square as you built the block, your finished block will lay flat and smooth. And my momma always taught me that the backside of my needlework should look just as nice as the front — the same goes for a quilt block if you ask me!









    And finally…the finished Barn Dance Quilt Block!


    The fully constructed block will measure 7 1/2-inches square yielding a 7-inch block once finished into your project. I’m currently working on 80 blocks — half rotating this direction and the other half using the isosceles triangle with the right angle to the lower left so they appear to rotate in the other direction. (I hope that makes sense!)

    There are quite a few ways in which the blocks can be arranged and laid out to give various finished looks. I can’t wait to show y’all mine!
    Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.04.16 PM






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