• It’s about time!

    Wow! What a crazy year 2015 has been for me and {sariditty handmade}! I never expected my life to be where it is now, but I’m thrilled that it is. I’ve ventured into some amazing quilty territory this year as well as met some amazing friends and colleagues within this colorful world.


    I hope you stick around to see all the fun things I have planned for {sariditty handmade} as 2016 is knocking on our doors. Expect to see patterns, tutorials, giveaways, collaborations, blog hop opportunities, and peeks into my east-mountain-living life!

    Feel free to leave your comments about topics you’d like addressed or projects you’d like to see. I can’t wait for the new year and to share more with you! And, as always, you can follow me on Instagram: @sariditty

    xo Sari

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